Yoga and Movement

…endeavoring to share the beauty of life through movement…the exploration of life through knowing oneself intimately…

Yoga is…..

Yoga is a practice through which one can purify the energy of the body, freeing the mind of useless thinking, and strengthening one’s ability to embody compassion and happiness. Through yoga, we gain control of the senses allowing us to respond to life, rather than react to it. With a strong and steady body and mind, we can understand our true nature and live life with joy.

elemental transformation


Molly was introduced to yoga in 1993 in Tucson, Arizona while on a journey to keep herself healthy as a dancer. Although in coming from a dance background she connected immediately with the asana practice, Molly found herself intensely inspired to learn more about yogic philosophy. Molly’s interests in Taoism and Buddhist philosophy have shaped many of her endeavors, including her pursuit of studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. DSCN4828Yoga was a healing resource both for life as well as for the duration of Molly’s professional dance career with River North Chicago Dance Company in Chicago, where Molly lived and taught for many years. Once she finished medical school, Molly began to pursue her formal training as a yoga instructor in order to share more knowledgeably the beauty of yoga.  She has studied under acclaimed teachers in both the Ashtanga and Anusara traditions and now studies traditional Hatha yoga in Kerala, India. Although her teaching has its foundations in traditional Hatha yoga, Molly has a unique style of teaching incorporating elements of Chinese Medicine as well as the fluidity of dance.

The concept of fluidity is pervasive in Molly’s approach to teaching, whether it is in dance, Chinese Medicine or yoga. There is not any part of life that is static, so naturally studying, exploring and experiencing life through movement makes sense. When we exhibit fluidity, we have the opportunity to ebb and flow, choose calm or excitation, connect with joy and experience clarity. In a state of fluidity, we have the ability to respond to life, rather than to react to it. Molly believes that the stillness that many seek is not lack of movement, but rather an experience of living in which the energy of the body is uninhibited so that we might experience vibrance without chaos.


IMG_7817Molly now facilitates yoga and meditation retreats in Europe and throughout the world. As a traveling practitioner, her passion is introducing people to Traditional Chinese Medicine and yoga.  In seeking new locations for yoga retreat centers, Molly offers free community classes in each new village that she travels to.  At her home in Tuscany, Molly offers both public and private yoga classes.  Molly endeavors to facilitate in each person that she teaches, the start of or continuation of a journey of wonder and discovery.