Welcome to Inspiration Heals…

An Integrative Approach to Happiness

Navigating the inevitable changes of life with grace and awareness is what Inspiration Heals is dedicated to helping people realize.  There is a benefit in the wisdom of the ancient practices, as there is a benefit in the wisdom of the modern sciences.  Why not craftily weave them together and add a touch of community and fun?

Inspiration Heals, founded by Molly Cofman, brings Traditional Chinese Medicine, modern medicine, yoga, movement and other inspirations together for a healthier, more joyful, vibrant and compassionate life.  Inspiration Heals is dedicated to inspiring and connecting people and creating unique experiences in which you can learn to feel comfortable in your own skin, learn to express yourself freely and heal the habits and dis-eases that stand in your way…..

Is medicine necessary only for the sick?  NO!  While the therapeutic values of Chinese Medicine and Yoga are infinite, both provide a good dose of perspective, enhancement and vibrance.  Whether you are on a healing path or are content with your life and would just like a bit of perspective or renewed inspiration, jump on in!  We are into getting the best out of life, and would like to share this journey with you…


IMG_9654 Want a taste of this?

Join us for a ‘good feel’ week-long getaway, a ‘deep heal’ immersion or expand into a training… All are opportunities to grow, refresh and connect.