herbalpictureChinese Medicine has been practiced for more than 5,000 years and is a safe, gentle and powerful way to both heal the body and maintain wellness.  Using acupuncture, herbal therapy, lifestyle and nutritional recommendations, Chinese medicine focuses on healing and strengthening the whole person.  With a clear diagnosis, it is possible to both cure disease, and perhaps more importantly, prevent it.  Chinese medicine offers not only symptomatic relief, but also an explanation and treatment strategies for what has caused a disease to develop.

The strengths of Eastern medicine are rooted in the Eastern philosophical views from which the medicine was born. Eastern philosophy provides us with different ways of viewing the systems of the body, the origin and manifestation of disease and the healing process.  No single system of thought holds all of the answers, especially as the world and environment continue to change.  Traditional Chinese Medicine, however, is timeless and provides us with a wealth of ideas and practical techniques to foster and maintain physical and mental health.

In the practice of Oriental Medicine, Molly draws upon her diverse background to helpacupuncture needle patients identify and clarify what health and healing means using the logic of science and the creativity of the arts. This includes exploring both the physical and the psychological aspects of bringing the body back into balance. She believes that wherever we are in our healing process, the ability to connect with joy greatly affects our ability to maintain the best quality of life. Molly has a passion for practicing medicine, whether the focus is on curative or adjunctive care. Having specialized in the past in oncology and pediatrics, Molly now maintains a general practice and fosters a constantly developing community of physicians and other healers around the world to provide the best care for her patients.

Molly offers appointments and consultations at her home in Tuscany, and also on the road.  Contact her directly for inquiries. 

Everything observable by the senses is subject to change and therefore in motion…there are interlocking cycles of change…one cannot bid the winds and waves to cease, but one can learn to navigate treacherous currents by conducting themselves in harmony with the processes of transformation and thus weather the storms of life.  ~I Ching