A letter from Omer


For the past 14 years I have been walking the medicine’s path. My journey didn’t start slow and careful but rather on the highway.  My encounter with Carioca in 2003 was powerful and led to years of traveling the world together, accompanying thousands of people through hundreds of ceremonies in over 15 countries. As I found my way to leading ceremonies around 6 years ago I had to slowly let go of what I was used to and to find my own authentic way of sharing this work. This process is ongoing and keeps unfolding with time.

As you know, the medicine’s path is profound and life changing as well as challenging and overwhelming, both during the ceremony and even more after it ends. Landing back into our lives can be hard, feeling so open and vulnerable to the world, seeing clearly the gap between what we experience as our potential and the way we live our day to day life and basically needing to walk again after we’ve been flying…

The challenge of grounding the lessons we receive in the nights into our lives has been with me for some years, watching others and myself struggling each in his/hers own life. “How can the teachings we receive be implemented into our daily lives, our relationships and work? How can these momentary visions become our daily bread?” the questions grew loud and clear and made me look deeper into different elements that are meaningful for others and myself on this path:

The Circle (Togetherness, relationships)

The Music (Sound, Feeling, beyond the mind)

The Ritual (Prayer, Intention, Healing)

I realized all three elements have a crucial impact on my overall well-being and so I decided to find a way to strengthen my connection to them. As a musician, music was the first to approach and to my delight I soon discovered it binds them all;  Music has the power to bring people together and is present in almost every ritual in every human culture around the world. Music touches us deep, changes our state of mind and being, creates a space of deep experiences, has profound healing powers and brings joy to those who create it and to those who listen to it.

I guess I found my answer!

Since then my work became about finding different ways of using sound and music to bring people together, to create a ritual space for healing and recharging and to connect the spiritual with the practical.

I invite you to join me on this fascinating journey